About Us



Kevin trained as a chef in Chicago.  He loves to make good food and needs a way to get access the quality ingredients he learned to appreciate in culinary school. So he started gardening and shopping from local growers. He’s dedicated to using restaurant quality produce that doesn’t even take a restaurant chef to make taste good. 


Diana lived in South Carolina with her Military husband for several years. She worked in construction management, and enjoyed making meals for her family each night. Diana started to explore the various grocery stores and ethnic food shops in the area surrounding base. With a diverse military, people wanted access to the foods of home, so Diana got an chance to learn directly from the experts and explore a variety of cuisines from around the world. She was able to learn Southern techniques as well, and many nights of practice, trial and error, and hard work mean that her and Kevin compete for best chef in the family. 


We named this farm stand after our mom because she is constantly working in the yard  and guides us on all aspects of gardening.  We trust her more than a Farmer’s Almanac appreciate everything she has done for us. She works cheap too 🙂